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Atop Security & Allied Services established in the year 2006 is the result of need of providing trained professional security services to public and private sector units. Our aim is to provide most effective security services for all kinds of operations and premises.

Captain Shaik Ali (Retd.) has dedicated security professional with a strong back ground in Indian Army for more than 3.7 decades. Has a varied mixed experience of both Defence and civil, Excellent knowledge in the field of Detectives and High Power Transmissions and worked in one of the leading “ISO-9001:2015 Security Company, Quality Management System” and ensuring smooth functioning of security operations, especially Public Sector Units, Banks, Software Companies based in & around Bengaluru.

Our team headed by an Ex-Army Officer has an efficient team of General Manager / Manager (Ops) / Field Executives / patrolling Supervisors to monitor the functioning of security services by day and night.

The primary objectives of security personnel shall be protection of life and property of our clients. These shall include fire fighting, theft and anything that is likely to cause loss, waste damage or inconvenience to the client or his property and we will take appropriate steps to achieve these objectives..


> Careful Selection of personnel
> In house Training before deployment
> Periodical Refresher Training at Sites
> Strict Enforcement of Discipline.
> In house Background Verification of all employees.
> Minimum Standards benchmarked to suit the Corporate Requirement.
> Imparting Specific Skills as per the requirement of the Client.
> Strong Systems and Procedures (SOPs)
> 100% Statutes Compliance.
> In house Check Back on performance of our personnel while on duty
> Periodical reports and Returns to all concerned to ensure control.

Why Us

  • Metal detectors at the main gate, to be used on case basis also put to use extensively on occasions when VIP’s are visiting the premises.
  • Display of various Security instructions for both visitors and employees.
  • Refreshing Training of security guards once in month according to the requirement of the premises.
  • Specific training for fire fighting for security guards at frequent interval.
  • Issue of Cell phones to Security Supervisors
  • Dedicated van for surprise check / night check / patrolling of security staff by the agency.
  • Apart from the above we are also fulfilling all the basic requirements to the security staff to safe guard the premises as under:- Rechargeable torches First Aid Kits Parking Light Walkie-Talkie (Only on special occasion like VIP’s visiting the premises and additional bill will be claimed for the same)
  • EMPLOYMENT: All the security personnel supplied by ATOP Security & Allied Services, will be employees of ATOP. We will pay all statutory liabilities as ESI, PF, Service tax, profession tax & welfare fund etc.
  • RECRUITMENT: Recruitment will be done as per Directorate General Resettlement (DGR) guidelines, keeping the clients requirement in view. We employ the following categories of personnel: • Ex-Servicemen • Trained Civilians • Graduates / undergraduates who can speak in English, Kannada, Hindi and who are capable of managing front office jobs. • Lady security guards / Receptionists. • Medically and physically fit, clean record and habits
  • VETTING AND TRAINING: Our security personnel are vetted as to suitable prior to employment and are subject to extensive training in respect of their general responsibilities & “ On the job training” in respect of the customer particulars requirements. Our security staff undergoes refreshers training once in six months.
  • SPECIAL SKILL AND JOB KNOWLEDGE: Our security personnel are fully conversant with usage of all types of fire fighting and security equipment carrying out of physical searches of employees, visitors and their vehicles, controlling and organizing of vehicle traffic, accurate reporting of incidents, effective of higher security risk areas and dealing with different types of people in polite but firm manner always keeping in view their status and value to the client. We provide Indoor, Outdoor & On the Spot training to our security personnel as per PSARA Act 2005.
  • CODE OF CONDUCT: ATOP Security & Allied services staff will conduct themselves in a proper and fighting manner at all times being correctly uniformed and well presented.
  • SUPERVISION: We believe that apart from selection and training, Supervision and Inspection is equally important to provide quality services. We have standard operating procedures for constant checking and monitoring of contracts.
  • MONITORING ACTIVITY, PATROLLING DAY & NIGHT CHECKS: The base for the quality works and execution of the services lies in the strict supervision of the staff. We have two types of inspections. The Supervisors attached to the contract or the designate for the contract carry this out. The object of the inspection is maintaining quality amongst the guards in order to provide the services you desire. Patrolling by units personnel and day / night checks by Managers and Field Executives is carried out regularly.
  • COMPUTERISATION / PAYMENTS: The entire accounting system of the Agency including pay roll and billing is computerized. ATOP is one of the few security agencies with a website.
  • CONTROL ROOM AND EMERGENCY CONTACT: ATOP security & Allied Services are manned round the clock to attend to our Clients, Chief Executive, General Manager, Manager (Ops) and Field Executives have cell phones and can be contacted in case of emergencies.
  • AIMS & OBJECTIVES: Our core values of Professionalism, Integrity and Being Competitive rise from our vision of the pursuit of Excellence. ATOP has come into business to stay and stay ahead, by providing Excellent Security services while emerging as the bench mark for the security industry.


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